Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Touch Committee: Winter Beard

Touch Committee is another band I found out about through VLV. They play a really fun, catchy, and upbeat version of "indie rock" that would definitely be found in the 90's, but also reminds me of early Meneguar. Despite that, they still know how to riff it up and get noodly (see the whole beginning of "Gold Coast" for examples of this). They also have, what I think, is the best song title ever; "Shitty Avengers". Someone should really make that a comic book. It would be another Marvel universe where The Avengers are just really awful at being super-heroes, thus the Shitty Avengers. Anyways, "Spitting Speed" is probably my favorite jam on this is and is super ridiculous catchy. It also took me a while to realize that there are two different singers and it's not just one guy multi-tracking his vocals, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, they don't have this album out on any physical releases (yet), but if you're feeling inclined, you can buy the mp3s from any place that would do that sort of thing (itunes, amazon, etc). When I first got this, I could not stop listening to it and every time I go back and remember how good this album is, I listen to it constantly, so listen to it suckas!

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