Tuesday, December 21, 2010

K.C. Milian - Discography

Sorry for the lack of updates, we'll try to work on that! K.C. Milian was an Italian instrumental band that sounded like a simpler Six Parts Seven with occasional American Football style horns from the early 2000's. Some songs have occasional yelling vocals in the background, but they don't take away from the pretty parts at all. Really great music to kiss babes/dudes to. Choose your own adventure on that one. The releases in this file are:
"Self Titled"
"Split with La Quiete"


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rooftops/noumenon Split 7"

This is a split that came out last year, and it rules hardddd. We've posted noumenon before here, who are pretty hard mathy instrumental stuff. Rooftops are in the same genre, but with more intricate, soft parts and occasional vocals, so this 7" doesn't get boring at all. All and all, this is a pretty good 7" and the best part is that it's free on bandcamp! noumenon also has another one of their EPs for free on their bandcamp page. Enjoy!