Sunday, December 27, 2009

C-Clamp: Longer Waves

I've gotten a ton of great noodles recently plus I have a week left of holiday vacation (w00t) so hopefully I will be pretty active this week. I'm feeling a bit lazy so here's the wiki article on them:

From Wikipedia:

Sometimes referred to as slowcore, C-Clamp placed emphasis on mood, texture and rhythm. Known for their dense layering and simple, yet beautiful vocal harmonies, C-Clamp released only two full length albums in their career. Although they performed live infrequently, they managed to share the stage with many noteworthy bands of that era, including Braid, Castor, Dianogah, Karate and Hum.

Nick Macri went on to perform in the bands Heroic Doses, Euphone, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Lonesome Organist, The Analog Reception, and The Zincs, as well as with the artists Bobby Conn and Jeremy Enigk.


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