Saturday, August 28, 2010

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Formlessness

So silly name aside, this band is fucking amazing! They, along with Deer Leap, played my house last night and both of them were great. They have a bunch of pretty "post-rock" sounding guitar parts, but they don't overly drag the parts out and keep things constantly changing. Their vocals remind me of older Kickball and they're very good to sing along to, as most people were doing last night. They also have a keyboard player in the band, but use it very tastefully and mostly as just added soundscape background sounds that really fill in the sound. They rule, so just listen already.
They have both of their EPs up on their Bandcamp page for download for free, or you pay what you like. Throw 'em a few bucks, please!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Short Attention Span Compilation

so gentleman extraordinaire, biff swenson, rounded up 24 great bands of all sorts of genres and put together a free compliation for download. my newest band, dads, was asked to be a part of this and i'm really pumped on it! here's the tracklisting so you can see for yourself how good this is!

1.) Chalk Talk - Pine Cone
2.) Into It. Over It. - Nashville, TN
3.) Quiltary - Will You Still Kiss Me with This Silly Beard of Mine?
4.) Band Name - The Countdown
5.) John Bradley - Henry Rollin's Creepy Crawl Tattoo
6.) By Surprise - Year Plus One Month (Makeout Party Cover)
7.) Wood Goold - Rolling in Our Eyes
8.) Sirs - Starting at the Chin
9.) Malegoat - Time Passes
10.) Ape Up! - Chinchillin
11.) Foxes & Lions - I Prefer Tall, Classy, European Women
12.) Black Churches - Hexed
13.) Small Oaks - Claim
14.) Cameron Wisch - What Star Do You Live On?
15.) Dads - Soccer Dads (Fifa World Fuck)
16.) Paddlepuss - Mahalo Brother
17.) Nick Cucci - 11 Days
18.) Make Wave - The Cape
19.) It's A King Thing - Hangin' Out
20.) Cecil - Sheldon Mopes [A Lot]
21.) Static Sex - I Hope You Die Alone
22.) John Muccino - Untitled Excerpt
23.) Ba Babes - Come Back Home with Me
24.) Dark Surfers - Planet Drunk (Me and My Satanic Babe)

a bunch of twinkly shit-esque bands, a bunch not, but all are great!