Sunday, March 22, 2009

TOE - Mostly Complete Discography

This band is pretty much everything I love about mathy, twinkly, (mostly) instrumental music. Intricate guitar lines that complement each other very well, not overly complicated but awesome bass lines, and my personal favorite, amazingly tight, accurate drumming. If you like the Mirror upload I posted, then you'll love this. This is their whole discography minus two songs or so. It contains their two EPs, one LP, and a remix cd which has the track from a split with Pele. It's a big download so be patient and enjoy. :]
The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety (Full Length)
New Sentimentality (EP)
Songs, Ideas We Forgot (EP)
Re:designed (remix ep)

My Heart to Joy: New Tracks from Upcoming Full Length "Seasons in Verse"

This band is GREAT. I can't remember visiting a band's myspace so much just to hear their tunes. They get a lot of Small Brown Bike comparisons but check them out for yourself. These are 4 preview tracks are from their full length "Seasons in Verse" that they are giving out for free. You can also download all of their older demos and 7"s for free from their myspace. The album (CD & vinyl) hits April 10th and I can't wait for it. Expect this band to blow up majorly this year.

Listen Here

Dave Davison (Maps and Atlases)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noumenom: The Megalodon vs. The Blue Whale (Concept Albums Are Fucking Stupid) Demo

This band first caught my attention when they rolled into town pulling a trailer with "MYSPACE.COM/ALIENANTFARM" witten in duct tape on the side. Best. Idea. Ever. If that isn't a damned good indication that these guys are going to rule, then I don't know what is. All preconceptions were confirmed when they began their blistering set. This band RULES. Cramming as many noodles and mathy riffs into 3 minute bursts, Noumenom put on an amazing live show. Think of an instrumental and less wacky Them, Roaring Twenties (see earlier post). This is a 2 song demo that they had when I saw them last summer. Their myspace says they have a split coming out soon with the band Rooftops.

Listen Here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pennines - Demo

This UK band mixes Algernon Cadwallader noodly-ness with Minus The Bear's more dancey style of beats and rhythms. Shit is catchy as hell! This demo only has 2 songs, although their myspace page has a couple new songs that aren't included that are all really good too. Check it out!

Download here

Monday, March 2, 2009

Owen - Discography(?)

So I'm uploading my entire Owen folder for my friend and figured I'd post it here since he, more or less, is the master of twinkles. You all know who this is and if you don't, WHY YOU COMING TO THIS BLOG THEN. I had to break this into 3 parts because of Mediafire's 100mb upload rule. I put *s next to the albums so you know which are in which upload. * means upload 1, ** upload 2, *** upload 3.
This upload includes:
track from Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers *
At Home With Owen *
Daytrotter Sessions *
Demos *
(the ep) *
i do perceive. + bonus track **
Live Cover of "Alison" by Elvis Costello **
No Good For No One Now ***
track from Polyvinyl 2005 sampler **
Split with The Rutabega **
Self-Titled ***
Split with The City On Film **

If you have anything else that I don't have, let me know!
Download here, here, and here.
Buy here. - Polyvinyl just released all his previously unreleased albums on vinyl, including the American Football get those!