Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It seems like more and more twinkly bands are coming from the UK these days. Bands like This Town Needs Guns and Cats Cats and Cats have gotten pretty big (at least in the blogosphere). Pennines is less mathy than those bands mentions and more melodic, similar to recent post Know Think. I found these guys last night and was hoping I would be able to find something downloadable to post. Luckily, the band has decided to give their music away for free. At first I thought this was their ep "Fair Do's" but that apparently only has 3 tracks and the download link they gave has 6. Maybe someone in the know could clear that up...? Anyway, enjoy the tunes!


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  1. i already posted (most) of this a long time ago d00d, except without the 3 other jams. oh well!