Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Six Parts Seven: Things Shaped In Passing

Atmospheric, mostly instrumental twinkles. Definitely has an American Football vibe going on. They have 5 full lengths but this is the only one I am familiar with. Maybe I'll post more when I hear them. This is definitely a good album for this time of year. Enjoy.

Download here


  1. I lurk this blog like a mother fucker, you're doing a rad job. But for the sake of being a weiner baby: it's "Things Shaped In Passing" not Passion haha. But that's a moot point. All their albums are spot on, definitely check out "Everywhere and Right Here", that's their best in my opinion.

  2. lol, i knew that too...weird. thanks!

  3. i was going to post "everywhere and right here" soon, maybe i should actually get on that. it's realllll good.

  4. american football had a 6p7 thing going on...

    check out their previous band old hearts club and the bass players new band, talons'.

  5. dan you stole my post!

    as if i ever post anything anymore.

  6. lol 'anymore'? you posted one thing...