Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hightide Hotel: Porch Luck EP

Hightide Hotel is a band made up of members of Street Smart Cyclist, Hollows, and Western Survival. Their frantic tempos and fill heavy drum beats remind me a lot SSC. They also have some pretty cool quasi-youthcrew, sing along parts which makes me think seeing this band would be a pretty stellar time. The EP itself is a little shakey at times. The drum parts can sometimes miss a hit here and there, and the EP on a whole could use a proper mixing job (vocals too prominent), but it is a great start for a new band. And plus, who can complain when they offer it for free on their myspace? They have a split 7" coming out with By Surprise coming out soon. Looking forward to hearing what these dudes come up with next!

Listen Here


  1. the song "shuttle" on their myspace is THE jam. it's from their upcoming split, so if that's any evidence of what their new stuff sounds like, i am excited!

  2. Same as andrea. I wrote an article about Growing Pains on my blog. you may be interested by GP as they share members with HH and Snowing.

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