Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colossal - Welcome The Problems

For my first post for this blog, I'll post what I feel is the epitome of "twinkly shit". This was their first, and only, full length release and is definitely their best material. Their instruments sound like if early Kinsella family bands listened to more "math rock" and kept it really upbeat, complete with trumpets and all! The vocals are definitely different than most bands in this genre, but that only adds to the overall greatness of this band. Lots of jangly chords and twinkly riffs in this one! They also released an EP prior to this and were on several compilations. Unfortunately, they're currently on hiatus, but I really hope to see more from them in the future.

Buy Their Records Here and Here
Download Here

p.s. - I just saw that their LP is only $4 from Grey Flight Records, which is really a steal!

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