Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Luck - Demonstration

While not being the most "twinkly"/"rad"/"whatever" band that will be posted here, I'm really digging this new EP. I liked their past bands (Matty Pop Chart, One Reason) and this band is really great. They can definitely noodle it up with the best of them (see intro tapping part to "Decider"), but don't try to cop the nu-emo sound and keep it super posi with some of the most "IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY!" lyrics I've heard. It's really hard to actually describe this band...male/female vocals where he sings higher than she does, lots of intricate guitar parts that leave me baffled as to how he plays that and sings at the same time, really upbeat "indie" sound that definitely takes some influences on their past "folk-punkish" bands, but not really at all. If you don't have their full length, "Into Lake Griffy" yet, then you better get on that. They have this EP for free download on their band camp website, so feel free to donate them a few bucks!



  1. It's actually a Prince song, not Tegan and Sara you poser.

  2. Awesome. Hadn't heard about this. Into Lake Griffy is such a killer summer album.


  3. lol, so weird i don't even know where i got tegan and sara from since they don't cover that. somehow my brain took "when you were mine" into something else that i can't even think of. weirdddd. ps - i'm going back to finally finish recording vocals durffff