Monday, November 23, 2009

Twinkly Mix: Vol. 1

So I came up with the idea of posting mixes of various twinkly bands that I enjoy. I'm trying to spread it out and throw in some classic gems along with the newer stuff. If you enjoy this let me know, and I'll try to keep doing some every once in a while. Enjoy.

1. Brilliant The Brilli Ant - Cats and Cats and Cats
2. Open Sesame - Grown Ups
3. North Brandywine - Pirouette
4. Stranger, You Know - Castevet
5. The 1/5 Compromise - Colossal
6. Elementary Biology - Hightide Hotel
7. White Out - Joan of Arc
8. The Spargo Twin - ...Of Sinking Ships
9. Sepit - Pele
10. American Girl (Version 2) - The Promise Ring

Twinkly Mix, Vol 1


  1. very cool mix, actually, good taste

  2. shocked, actually. maybe the best mix on the entire internet.