Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grown Ups: Songs

OK so I've found a bunch of cool bands recently so I figured I should try to put a little momentum back into this here blog. LETS DO THIS!

I can't remember where I stumbled across these 5 twinkly jams but I definitely dig Grown Ups. I think the biggest complaint one can have about this 'genre' is that all the noodlely songs blend together after a while. I mean, can you really tell the difference between one Ghost and Vodka song from another? Grown Ups does a good job of mixing catchy sing-along melodies on top of the noodles to really make their songs distinctive. They're from Indiana and most likely listen to the same music you listen to. Enjoy.

Listen Here


  1. never heard of this band before, and i'm from indiana. pretty good shit.

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