Saturday, March 21, 2009

Noumenom: The Megalodon vs. The Blue Whale (Concept Albums Are Fucking Stupid) Demo

This band first caught my attention when they rolled into town pulling a trailer with "MYSPACE.COM/ALIENANTFARM" witten in duct tape on the side. Best. Idea. Ever. If that isn't a damned good indication that these guys are going to rule, then I don't know what is. All preconceptions were confirmed when they began their blistering set. This band RULES. Cramming as many noodles and mathy riffs into 3 minute bursts, Noumenom put on an amazing live show. Think of an instrumental and less wacky Them, Roaring Twenties (see earlier post). This is a 2 song demo that they had when I saw them last summer. Their myspace says they have a split coming out soon with the band Rooftops.

Listen Here